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Cicerone Giveaways

    Original cultural gifts related to the city of Granada. A selection of exclusive gifts, to satisfy our visitors in Granada by offering an unforgettable souvenir of our city.

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      They are a company with over 90 years of trajectory. Their most representative prtoduct is the “granada” symbol of the city. They make a variety of sole products on themarket available at the exceptional price, all made in silver law and Swarovski crystal. They have an incredible team of experts specialized in listening to the needs of their customers and present the personalized packing products.

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      Rafael Moreno. Orfebre

        Within the rich display of traditional handicrafts Granada, is the silversmith, of deep roots in the history of our city.

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          Specialized bookshops on the Nasrid monument, with a wide range of selected bibliography on the Alhambra and the city of Granada. Exclusive collection of products that faithfully reproduce the main characteristics of the Monument. Personalized attention service throughout a professional team. Online shopping.

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