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c/ Marqués de Gerona, 12. (En frente de la puerta principal de la Catedral)



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from Monday to Sunday. 12pm – 12am/ Kitchen opens all day.

Restaurante El Pescaito de Carmela

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Located in the historic centre of Granada, next to the main entrance of the Cathedral and Bib-Rambla Square, we are known for our excellent customer care and service, a menu specialized in rices, fish fried and seafood of our coast.

We have two big dining rooms with capacity for 90 people, two outdoor terraces and a bar zone with high tables to have tapas/lunch. All in a distended and nice atmosphere according to each situation.

The best fish and seafood of our coast just in the historic centre of Granada. In the menu of El Pescaito de Carmela you will find from the traditional tapas and fish fried to delicious rices and paellas.

Also, most of our menu has dishes suitable for celiac people, including fried foods, which we prepare with gram flour and always following a strict process control.

Bon appetite!

Tourist Prestige Award 2016.
First prize “Bocados Especiales” 2016 of Cervezas Alhambra.
Third finalist “Granada de Tapas” 2016 of Cervezas Alhambra.
Second classified in “Madrid Fusion” 2017.