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Sala Azahar – Leyendas de la Alhambra Avda. de la Libertad, s/n 18193 – Monachil

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Leyendas de la Alhambra, el musical

Leyendas de la Alhambra (Legends of the
Alhambra) is the first musical that tells the
history of the conquer of the Alhambra
through Araiban dances, flamenco feeling
and equestrian art.
It is an unique spectacle in its kind offered in
Andalusia, allowing viewers to inmerse and
get involved in a key momento of the Spanish

History will take you to a exotic and
intmiguning culture, in where the Sultan
emmeshed in its own rules and in-fihgting, is
unable to resist the thrust of the Christian
forces, whose aim was to take over the city
without destroying its beauty.

Historicals events that matched those of the
best screenplays.