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La Hora Española

    La Hora Española is a duet by soprano Laura Moyano and pianist Santiago Alonso, soul friends who joined talents to be ambassadors of the Spanish Essence in 2012. Since then they have reached a multitude of hearts in Spain and abroad. Their first recorded album, 7LETRAS, came to light in 2015.

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    Aventura Amazonia

      Stop wondering what Tarzan felt flying through the trees. Come and check it for Yourself!

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      Clavel y Flamenco Performances

        Clavel y flamenco means love for our most universal art, World Heritage by the UNESCO.

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        Sports Adventure

          We are active and sports tourism company, with a high specialization in events of Motor. We design activities and events, where participants can experience firsthand unique sensations and partake of an unforgettable experience.

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          TA Incentivos

            (Español) Vela (Español) Segway (Español) Rutas en aeroplano (Español) Paramotor (Español) Excursiones con vehículos (Español) Conducción deportiva

            Since 1995, we provide solutions to companies in their meetings, events, presentations and training courses.

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            Zambra María La Canastera

              María La Canastera’s Zambra, located in the picturesque quarter of Sacramonte, represents today, 60 years after its foundation, one of the major touristic and cultural attractions in our city.

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